In this new release of JavaDAW more bugs are solved. One master and 2 send tracks are added and the mixer has been improved. There are also new Java Plugins added. Just rescan the plugin directory.

Note: Caused by changing VST specifications, a limited set of real VST plugins are allowed. All plugins of Spectrasonis, Sonnox, Nexus, Real plugins and most of the FREE plugins are working fine with the existing jVstHost.dll of Martin Roth. A 64 bit version of this interface dll is included. A lot of new plugins (VST2 as well as VST3) cause the application to crash. This is probably caused by severe security code and control or license code. But then, the amount of real java plugins like jDrum will be extended in the future and available for you after donation.
Note: See and and for more excellent free plugins that can be used in JavaDAW 32 bit and 64 bit. Try out NEMESIS, SAURUS or GLADIATOR as best Synth plugins available. Download at "Tone2".
Note: JavaDAW will now work with an embedded java 32 or 64 bit JRE. If this is causing problems a new java JRE can be downloaded from : Oracle (java JRE). There is a 32 bit and a 64 bit JRE version in the rar file. JavaDAW should work with no java installed on your system for both 32 and 64 bit systems.
License & warrantee: JavaDAW is partly FREE software and personal use is allowed. JavaDAW may not be used for commercial purposes without written permission of the owner (see e-mail adres below). Be aware of the fact that the OSX version is somewhat behind compared to the development of the Windows version. JavaDAW comes with NO warrantee and may be used "as is".
(!) In case of problems be sure to install the java 32 or 64 bit JRE under C:\Programs Files (64 bit) or under C:\Program Files (x86) (32 bit).
(!) A new synth native plugin is available now. Download the Synth.rar resources and place the directory under /Resources/..... and replace the Synth directory. Rescan the plugins to see the plugin in the pluginlist.
(!) All libraries are in the .rar (Windows). For Windows leave them in the javadaw directory or put them in System32.
(!) All project files and resource files can be found in the $USER_HOME/javadaw directory. Normally this should be the Admin user under Users.
(!) Best recording results and less change on glitches are with the recording buffer set to 24 (preference panel) and a 1024 MB heapsize (of the wrapper exe file)
(!) The javadaw.jar can be started with the command java -jar javadaw.jar -Xmx512m. With jSmooth you may wrap it yourself as an exe file. The heap size of the executable is set to 1024MByte. This can be changed by yourself using the exe wrapper of jSmooth.
(!) On high resolution screens set the "ignore DPI settings" checkbox to "checked" and the drop box below to "System". You can find this checkbox in the propertires/compatibility tab of the exe file (right click the mouese). This is already done in the downloaded exe file but sometimes this setting is ignored. If not checked, JavaDAW is displayed too small on high resolution screens.
That is all.....Start making music.