This page will be used to present some technical relevant information about JavaDAW usage and set-up.

1. High Resolution Screens.

A lot of now-a-days screens are HD screens with large DPI settings. Java applications do not scale automatically.

In order to achieve a normal display of JavaDAW you have to edit the javaw.exe file in the runtime directory of your JAVA_HOME.

This is very easy: just open the properties - compatibility Tab and check the "Ignore large DPI setting" checkbox and choose "System" in the drop down box below.

JavaDAW will then start always in "Normal" DPI mode.

2. VST Plugins

A lot of now-a-days older and new VST2 plugins are tested and can be used in JavaDAW.

Here is a list of problem free plugins: All Sonnox plugins, Nexus2 (great plugin), H82 Sonic Maximizer, All Real plugins, All Spectrasonics plugins, All Tone2 plugins and All FREE plugins without complex security and license code.

Here is a list of plugins causing problems: All VST3 plugins, All NI plugins, All AIR plugins.